Actor - Director - Creator

Born in France, I was raised in Montreal then spent my adolescence in the Bay Area and later Southern California. All of that traveling was interspersed with regular trips to Guadeloupe, a small but thriving french island in the Caribbean, where part of my extended family lives. Through all that, the one constant in my life was acting.
It was one of those passions that sneaks up on you. As I stopped doing ballroom dancing, karate, gymnastics, piano and even cooking lessons, the one thing I never gave up was Theater. When it came time to apply to colleges and pick a major I had two choices: study chemistry to ultimately become a researcher and find an alternative source of fuel or study theater and commit to an uncertain future. My decision was easy: Theater. 
My experience at Chapman University in Orange County played a major role in shaping the artist I am today. There, I not only honed my craft but I also learned to advocate for myself, to search for knowledge absent from the classroom, and to embrace my love of directing and producing. Four years later, I left Southern California  and I found myself in New York City pursuing my dream. Since 2017, I have participated in amazing projects, met wonderful artists and seen amazing theater. 
My aim as an artist is to engage with my audience and share diverse stories that help shape the world we live in. I tell stories for the five year old Shannon who was told she was too much or too little but who ultimately found wonder on stage. The work I have seen over the years have shaped the way I see the world which is why I believe sharing our experiences is one of the best ways to help us become better human beings.